MERIT Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Michael Kues  post-doc at the Nonlinear Photonics group received the MERIT fellowship from FRQNT.


Michael Kues post-docs at the Nonlinear Photonics group was awarded a Postdoctoral research fellowship within the MERIT scholarship program for foreign students from the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies, for his research project. FQRNT is a founding institution whose aim is to support the internationalization of research activities in Québec’s institutions of higher education and to attract the best foreign researchers and students.

In particular, novel, efficient, and practical laser sources are required for the next important advancements in the fields of precision metrology, nonlinear microscopy, lab-on-a-chip applications and high-capacity telecommunications. Individually addressing their diverse requirements in one platform, the aim of this project is the development and control of versatile applicable, ultra-short pulse laser in an integrated format.