Scaling On-Chip Entangled Photon States to Higher Dimensions

  To reach the processing capabilities required for meaningful quantum information science it is necessary to scale up information content that we can handle. To this end, considerable efforts were devoted to increasing the number of qubits (the simplest unit of quantum information) in nonclassical systems …

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Bacterial Waveguides of Light

The surprising existence of a significant nonlinear response in microorganisms, involving both robust self-trapping and enhanced transmission of a light beam through a biological suspension of marine bacteria, was recently demonstrated. The bacteria formed actual optical waveguides while remaining alive and in good health,despite the …

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Prix Planète INRS 2017

This year also, Professor Morandotti has been awarded the “Prix Planète INRS” in recognition of the excellence of his group research activities. See: Prix Planète INRS

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On-chip generation of high-dimensional entangled quantum states and their coherent control

Important work enables the generation and processing of high-dimensional quantum states in a single spatial mode. Optical quantum states based on entangled photons are essential for solving questions in fundamental physics and are at the heart of quantum information science. Integrated photonics has recently become …

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On-Chip Quantum Frequency Combs

An important milestone toward the scalable realization of complex quantum states on an integrated platform Nonclassical light sources of single and entangled photons are the backbone of future quantum communications infrastructure, and the cornerstone for realizing optical quantum computers. To reach practical applications, however, the …

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Prix Planète INRS

Prof. Roberto Roberto Morandotti received the Prix Planète INRS for excellence in research.      

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MERIT Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Michael Kues  post-doc at the Nonlinear Photonics group received the MERIT fellowship from FRQNT.

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American Physical Society Fellow

Prof. Roberto Roberto Morandotti received the fellow (2014) of the American Physical Society  

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Institute of Physics Fellow

Prof. Roberto Roberto Morandotti is elected Fellow (2014) of the Institute of Physics.      

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