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Cross-polarized photon-pair generation and bi-chromatically pumped optical parametric oscillation on a chip

Prof Morandotti’s group demonstrated the possibility of harnessing polarization for communication and quantum optics with integrated chips. Experimental set-up of the hybrid self-locked and external pumping scheme. The arrow on top of the amplifier represents the propagation direction of the light inside the cavity. The ...
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Improved Intrapulse Raman Scattering Control via Asymmetric Airy Pulses

Prof Morandotti’s group and his collaborators demonstrated the possibility of controlling the intrapulse Raman scattering by means of optical Airy pulses. Figure: Experimental observations of the dependence of the Raman soliton self-frequency shift upon the linear prechirp coefficient C , obtained by using (a) a ...
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Mitacs Elevate Grant Support

Andrey Markov, Anna Mazhorova and Fabio Grazioso post-docs fellows at the Nonlinear Photonics group have been awarded with the Mitacs Elevate Grant Support.

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Mitacs Accelerate Scholarships

Alessandro Tomasino, Diego Caraffini and Holger Breitenborn have been awarded with the Mitacs Accelerate Grant.

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Burroughs Wellcome Fund (BWF) Collaborative Research Travel Grant

Rafik Naccache post-doc at the Nonlinear Photonics group  (working in collaboration with Prof. F. Vetrone) received the (BWF) Collaborative Research Travel Grant.

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