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Yaakobi, O; Caspani, L; Clerici, M; Vidal, F; Morandotti, R (2013): Complete energy conversion by autoresonant three-wave mixing in nonuniform media. In: Optics Express, 21 (2), pp. 1623-1632, 2013. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Nonlinear optics, Nonlinear wave mixing, Parametric oscillators and amplifiers, Parametric processes, Propagation, Waves)


Linzon, Y; Sivan, Y; Malomed, B A; Zaezjev, M; Morandotti, R; Bar-Ad, S (2006): Interaction-induced localization of anomalously diffracting nonlinear waves. In: Physical Review Letters, 97 (19), pp. 193901, 2006. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Beam trapping, Nonlinear phenomena, Optical Solitons, Self-focusing and defocusing, Self-phase modulation, Wave Propagation, Waves)