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Al-Naib, I; Hebestreit, E; Rockstuhl, C; Lederer, F; Christodoulides, D N; Ozaki, T; Morandotti, R (2014): Conductive coupling of split ring resonators: A path to THz metamaterials with ultrasharp resonances. In: Physical Review Letters, 112 (18), pp. 183903, 2014. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Optical Materials, Transmission and absorption, Wave Propagation)


Guo, J F A; Salamo, G J; Duchesne, D; Morandotti, R; Volatier-Ravat, M; Aimez, V; Siviloglou, G A; Christodoulides, D N (2009): Observation of PT-symmetry breaking in complex optical potentials. In: Physical Review Letters, 103 (9), pp. 093902, 2009. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Arrays, Charge conjugation, Couplers, Discrete symmetries, Parity, Symmetry and conservation laws time reversal, Transmission and absorption, Wave optics, Wave Propagation, Waveguides)